It takes many hands to protect our home.

In an emergency, the Town of Exmore depends on the commitment and bravery of our volunteer firefighters. Lives depend on it. We need citizens like you to join Community Fire Company.

About Community Fire Company

Founded in 1930, Community Fire Company has always prided itself in using the latest equipment and training to provide fire protection to Exmore and the surrounding areas of Northampton and Lower Accomack Counties. In the mid 1960’s, we added Emergency Medical Services to our responsibilities. Unlike some neighboring communities, Exmore and Northampton County still rely 100% on volunteers to handle fire emergencies. We know it takes many hands to make it all work. That’s why we welcome volunteers from all different backgrounds and occupations. And no matter if you join in your teens or later in life, we will train and make you part of our family.

Become a volunteer

As an all volunteer fire department, Community Fire Company responds and provides service in the event of Fire, Motor Vehicle Accident, Hazardous Material Accident and Weather Disaster. Another important role the fire department provides is public education, such as classes at schools for kids or with others in our communities, to teach and promote Fire Prevention. We depend on the commitment and dedication of new, and returning, volunteers to help save lives.

Members receive training using the latest equipment in firefighting and emergency medical to become certified firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Volunteers from ages 16-17 can participate in emergency responses, with some restrictions, parental permission and by maintaining grades. Emergency Medical Services responds to many different medical incidents helping those in need; such as car accidents, heart attacks, asthma attacks, injuries, burns, seizures, child-births, and cardiac arrests, and many others. Support staff volunteer roles (non-emergency) are available in fire prevention education, administrative duties and activity coordination around the fire station. With Community Fire Company, you join a volunteer family that serves all of our friends and neighbors. You also benefit from camaraderie and training that can lead to future career opportunities.